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January 23, 2008



The chicken wings look pretty good to me. I would have eaten quite a lot of them! :):)


I can see why you posted the picture after the jump, not the kind of chicken wings that make you think Superbowl or anything. Sorry it was such a downer. Good luck with your future Slow Cooker recipes.


How funny, Sher. I'd gladly have shipped them all to you. LOL

Thanks, Melanie! Hopefully next weeks recipe will be better.


Keep trying the crockpot recipes, Alisha, we're learning from your mistakes. Have you tried putting a pork roast or tri-tip in your crockpot yet to make soft tacos? A pork roast with a can of green enchilada sauce or a tri-tip (buy the pre-marinaded ones) make delicious taco meat!


I'm sorry you had two flops in a week... that happens to me, too, sometimes.

I have a great recipe for "Chicken for the Gods" in my sidebar- it's crockpot chicken that not dry, but not liquidy, either. I serve it over wild rice and with steamed broccoli for one of my favorite meals.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! Sorry they were a disappointment. Don't you just hate it when you put all that effort into preparing dinner and end up making a sandwich?

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