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March 22, 2012



I love reading your blog because we seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to cooking. I am positive that I mentally bookmarked this recipe of RR's somewhere - although I can't remember if it was a library book or one that I own. I just picked up a jar of hoisin sauce a couple of days ago (I think - now I can't remember putting it away - I'll have to check the trunk of my car to see if it's rolling around in there!)

I'll be up your way this weekend. I have a bridal shower on Saturday evening in Scranton but I'll probably head up Friday night for lack of anything better to do, and spend some extra time with my dad and sisters, kid-free. I'm sure I'll be seeing the inside of the Moheghan Sun at some point.


LOL Paula... that's why I love you :) I find the same when I read your blog - thinking "okay, that sounds good ... okay, I need to do that".

Have fun up here - you should have been here last weekend though when it was so beautiful. My plans were to take the kids to Bushkill Falls but my daughter ended up with strep throat so we didn't go . Ah well, it'll be in our future sometime.

One of these times when you're up here and not swamped we should get together for lunch or something - it'd be fun!


Yes, I'm rethinking my outfit for the shower since it's going to be chilly and damp Saturday evening. No matter - I will be out of the house on a Saturday night!

I try to get up there every few weeks when the weather gets nicer. I think this year I will be making most of those trips alone so getting together sounds great. How sad is it that my 8 year old has such a rich social life that he doesn't want to leave home on the weekends anymore but I am scrambling to find something to do
when the boys are with their dad?


LOL not sad at all -- because I feel the same way! I guess it's true to enjoy your social life when you're young.

Well, have a great weekend and hope it's not too lousy weather for you!


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