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May 17, 2012



Argh! I forgot to finish my pasta post last night. I guess tonight is too late? I will save it for next time you host. Maybe. It was really good - I'm anxious to share it.

I saw the cutest tiny gnocchi in the newest, biggest Giant in Harrisburg last night. I almost grabbed them but since I'm headed up to your area for a wedding this weekend, I decided not to. They were in the refrigerated section. I love gnocchi.


Paula, if you wanted to post it tonight I can put it in but I'm sure it's too late now. I look forward to seeing what you created though!

Hmm.. I'll have to look for tiny gnocchi - I'm sure you have a bigger selection closer to you than I do up here.

Safe travels this weekend - it's supposed to be gorgeous - I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time!

Pot Sets

Wow! You really did make some changes to the original recipe, however, your modifications sound incredibly delicious. I guess you can now say that your recipe is "original". The frozen gnocchi is on my grocery list along with fresh asparagus. I already have fresh shrimp in my freezer. I'm looking forward to this tasty dish with a glass of white wine.

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